Collaboration in the Field of Multilingual Traditions (London, 19-20 December 2013)

A two-day workshop with the title “ATTEMT – Approaches To The Editing of texts with a Miltilingual Tradition” will be held on 19-20 December in London. The discussions will be focused on issues from the participants’ practice and experience with texts which have multiple versions (translations, redactions, sources) in another tradition – Greek, Slavonic, Arabic, Armenian, Syriac.

The workshop was organized by King’s College London and KULeuven.

The programme and a link to the abstracts can be found here, more information – here.

The participants:

Eirini Afentoulidou (Vienna University)
David Birnbaum (University of Pittsburgh)
Laurent Capron (CNRS, Paris)
Britt Dahlman (Lund University)
Ilse De Vos (King’s College London / KU Leuven)
Aneta Dimitrova (Sofia University)
Jürgen Fuchsbauer (Vienna University)
Olga Grinchenko (University of Oxford)
Yavor Miltenov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Anisava Miltenova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Zara Pogossian (John Cabot University)
Barbara Roggema (King’s College London)
Samuel Rubenson (Lund University)
Lara Sels (KU Leuven / UGent)
Dieter Stern (UGent)
William Veder (University of Chicago)
Jason R. Zaborowski (Bradley University / Lund University)
Johan Åhlfeldt (Lund University)

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